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Roof Cleaning
Schertz TX

If your roof is looking worn down after years of harsh weather, or simply needs a refresh after water damage or neglect, it's time to restore it.

Just like gutters, keeping your roofing area and shingles of your house in a good condition is crucial for its overall functionality and also helps to boost curb appeal.

This is where our professional cleaners come in. We'll rid your home's structure of dirt and grime and ensure that it looks its best.

With our professional cleaning services, Schertz residents can benefit from a reputable team that delivers quality cleaning for your roofing area - no matter the size.

Cleaning for shingles, metal, slate, tile, and wooded roofs

Roofs are undoubtedly one of the hardest surfaces to manually clean, it's essential that you hire an experienced team of cleaners in Schertz, TX.


At Roof Cleaning San Antonio TX, we do an awesome job of keeping your structure looking its best with our gentle and safe soft-washing approach while keeping your shingles looking like new with pressure washing services.


Reliable roofing contractors for Schertz residents

We've been in business for more than 10 years and keep the roofs of residential homes and larger commercial properties clean and looking their best.

Get a service quote today by calling us on (210) 946-1466.

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The benefits of using professional roof cleaners

When you use our pressure washing and cleaning services you can take advantage of these benefits:

A clean roof with no stains, algae, or moss

Improved property value and curb appeal

A stronger structure with shingles that can handle the elements

A healthier and safer home overall

If you're looking for a reliable company that can clean your roof and gutters and do a fantastic job, try us! Our services come highly recommended.

Pressure washing services

Pressure washing can effectively remove harmful substances, dirt, and stubborn grime from the roofing area of your house.

What is soft washing?

One of the three primary pressure washing techniques is called "soft washing," and it is especially appropriate for cleaning your roof's more delicate areas.

Materials that should be cleaned using the soft washing method to avoid any damage include roofing, vinyl siding, and glass.


Why is it different from pressure washing?

Unlike pressure washing, the process is carried out with a lower PSI, usually below 500, and an environmentally safe chemical solution that won't damage the surface.

Just like areas like your driveway and exterior walls can benefit from pressure washing, soft washing is ideal for your roofing areas.


They really went above and beyond. They were clean and professional and for this I would give them a 10/10. I would definitely suggest them to others and I would certainly use them in the future. This whole transaction has gained them my future business. It's difficult to find this good of service these days.


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Complete customer satisfaction

We ensure complete satisfaction and provide a very reasonable price for all our services and repairs. Whether it's tile, wood, metal, asphalt, shingles, slate, or any other roofing materials - we get rid of stains, dirt, and grime fast.

As a leading cleaning company, we know that keeping your roof and gutters clean is an essential part of maintaining your home's structure and improving its curb appeal.

Get in touch today - free estimates

We provide free estimates to all our customers and we guarantee excellent service - from New Braunfels to San Antonio!

Looking for more information on roofing cleaning services in Schertz, TX? We've got you covered. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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