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#1 Roof Cleaning San Antonio Services

Does your roof appear dull and covered in grime and organic debris? Are you worried that it might start leaking due to the buildup of debris? If so, it's probably time for some maintenance.

As a homeowner, it's essential to address these issues before they become more serious. Fortunately, that's where we come in. Our team of specialists at Roof Cleaning San Antonio uses gentle soft washing techniques to restore the color and appearance of your roof, ensuring that it looks its best for years to come.


Our roof cleaning process in San Antonio

Over time, roofs made of any material are prone to accumulating moss, lichen, and algae, which can cause them to deteriorate in appearance and structure. In such cases, roofs can become visually unappealing, and the only option may seem to be a complete replacement.

But before you call a commercial roofing company for a replacement, consider our highly rejuvenating cleaning service. Our San Antonio TX roof cleaning company can restore your roof tiles and sheets, saving you both money and time.


Our pressure washing services are fast, affordable, and the best possible way to restore your roof with minimal disruption.


Rest assured that our tested and efficient cleaning process is in capable hands, and we'll take care of restoring one of the most crucial components of your home.

01. Risk Assessment & Method Statement

Before we begin cleaning your roof, we conduct a comprehensive risk assessment of your property. This allows us to create a personalized and customized method to effectively clean your roof, while ensuring that none of your surrounding property is damaged during the cleaning process.

03. Roof Renovation

Once we have completed the deep cleaning process and removed all the dirt from your San Antonio TX roof tiles and shingles, we will conduct a reinspection of your entire roof to identify any underlying issues that need to be addressed.


This step is critical because it allows us to determine which areas require complete renovation, repair, or re-pointing to ensure the longevity and durability of your roof.

05. Application of waterproof roof Coating

The last step in the process is the application of two coats of waterproof roof coating to protect your roof tiles from water damage. This protective layer will help prevent the deterioration of your roof tiles while allowing them to breathe.

Applying this specialized waterproof coating will not only protect your roof but also enhance its appearance, improving its aesthetics.

02. Roof Cleaning

Once we have completed the risk assessment and method statement for your roof and property, the next step is to prepare all surrounding property that may be vulnerable during the cleaning process.

To do this, we use sheeting material that prevents water from entering and damaging your home. Once this is completed, our team will use specialized high-pressure equipment to clean your roof, removing all dirt, moss, and lichen.

In addition to cleaning your roof tiles, we also clean downspouts, gutters, and chimneys, which are crucial elements of your roof, ensuring a thorough deep clean.

04. Anti-Fungicidal Wash

Once the previous steps are completed and your roof has had enough time to dry, our cleaning crew will use a specialized anti-fungal washing agent to eliminate any residual fungus, bacteria, and microorganisms from your roof. This process will prevent further harm to your roofing and stop these harmful materials from recurring extensively.

The applied antifungal washing agent is crucial for preparing your roof before the waterproof coating is applied. Additionally, it does not cause discoloration and is effective in preventing the growth of harmful materials in the future.


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Benefits of roof cleaning in San Antonio

Our expertise lies in exterior house washing services in San Antonio TX, where we specialize in restoring the aesthetics of your roof to its original condition while extending its longevity. Your roof is a critical component of your home, and as a significant investment, it deserves to be maintained in the best possible state.

To achieve this, we employ a combination of safe and specialized cleaning techniques that are customized to meet the unique needs of each roofing material, resulting in the best possible outcome.

Our team of cleaning experts, servicing both residential and commercial properties, utilizes the latest cutting-edge equipment to ensure your roof looks as good as it did when it was first installed, and to maintain its appearance for a long time after the cleaning process is completed.


We clean a wide variety of roofing, some of which include:


Slate & tile roof


Pitched roofs


GRP fiberglass roofs


Flat roofs


Garage tile roofs


Felt roofs


EPDM rubber roofs


They really went above and beyond. They were clean and professional and for this I would give them a 10/10. I would definitely suggest them to others and I would certainly use them in the future. This whole transaction has gained them my future business. It's difficult to find this good of service these days.

The following are some of the benefits you stand to gain by letting us handle your roof cleaning project:

01. Moss removal

The unsightly black streaks and dark stains under the unexposed parts and shingles of your tile roof are an infestation of moss and organisms that are doing more harm than you can imagine.

These microorganisms will gradually eat and destroy your roofing materials and the wood underneath if the proper cleaning and painting agent is not applied.

To prevent this from happening, our cleaning staff use top-quality anti-fungal and moss removal agents that destroy such organisms and keep them from reoccurring anytime soon, which will help you save loads of cash on repairs.

03. Increased property value

Our roof cleaning San Antonio company renders outstanding and expert roof cleaning services fitting for your roofing which is one of the most valuable investments of your home.

By keeping your roof spick and span, you won't have to spend thousands of dollars on roof replacement. Our Roof Cleaning, San Antonio team uses soft washing and pressure washing techniques to help rid your roof of algae, fungus, mildew, bacteria, mold, stains, and spores, all of which are harmful and quite unpleasant.

05. Health benefits

The final step is the application of two coats of waterproof roof coating. We apply this coating to protect your roof tiles from water damage, which will, in turn, keep them from deteriorating while allowing them to breathe.

Applying the specialized waterproof coating will not only prevent moisture damage but will also improve your roof's aesthetics.

02. Improved curb appeal

A dirty roof will completely ruin the appearance of any San Antonio TX house, no matter how beautiful it looks. Needless to say, the lack of proper maintenance will hurt its value.

Our low-pressure roof cleaning services are very affordable and will hugely impact your home by restoring its aesthetic charm, directly boosting your home value.

04. Save thousands on repairs and replacement

By choosing our house-washing roof and gutter cleaning service, you stand to save thousands of dollars that would otherwise be used on roof replacement. We provide premium residential and commercial roof cleaning services that guarantee complete customer satisfaction all at a fair price.

Also, our team of experts specializes in all kinds of roofing, including Shingle roof, Slate roof, Clay tiles, Limestone roof, GRP fiberglass, and many more.

We use soft-pressure and eco-friendly pressure washing solutions suited for roof and gutter cleaning to expel stains, dirt, and all kinds of organisms and pest infestations while ensuring that your roof is not harmed in the process.

Our cleaning experts are trained to adjust the pressure systems of our cleaning equipment to keep your roof in good condition even long after the cleaning procedure has been completed.

06. Quality Work that guarantees improved roof longevity

Our San Antonio, TX, roof cleaning company utilizes a 100 percent biodegradable formula for our cleaning process. This formula will protect and add decades to the lifespan of your roof, which is an important investment in your home.


Why you should work with Roof Cleaning San Antonio

Using an excessive amount of pressure can easily damage roofing tiles, although this is a fact some companies offering pressure washing services aren't aware of.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the customers are the ones who have to bear the consequences afterward. Aside from the cleaning method, there are certain factors to consider before choosing a roof cleaning service.

For instance, do they allow easy scheduling? Is there great communication between employees and customers? And so on. Staff qualification is also one important requirement.

Here are a few reasons why our roof cleaning service is trusted by homeowners in San Antonio.

We are a certified cleaning firm with highly experienced staff

The quality of results you can expect from a San Antonio cleaning service boils down to the level of experience and overall expertise of the employees in question.

Here, at our roof cleaning San Antonio company, we know that there is no substitute for professionalism which is why our establishment comprises well-trained professional experts with years of experience in the cleaning industry and pressure washing services.


We use a safe and straightforward cleaning process

You will be astounded by how much of a difference having a clean roof can have on your San Antonio house. Our low-pressure roof cleaning service will offer a free estimate upon consultation.

Also, we employ safe and straightforward cleaning practices and will do a fantastic job getting rid of roof algae and stains, giving your home a refined look and improved curb appeal.


We deliver excellent results by using the highest-quality cleaning products

Our roof cleaning business realizes that there is no shortage of cleaning products that do more harm than good when it comes to roof cleaning. Such products contain harsh chemicals capable of causing extreme damage and discoloration and must therefore be avoided.

To ensure that there are no damages to your new roof or surrounding property, our team of roof cleaning specialists only utilizes top quality, safe, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions that deliver exceptional results you can be proud of.


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