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Metal roof cleaning, San Antonio

Constant exposure of a metal roofing panel to UV rays and sunlight will cause the resins in its paint system to deteriorate and ultimately lead to the gradual breakdown of the entire panel. The reason for this is that the deterioration in resin exposes the panel underneath, making it vulnerable to pollutants and microorganism growth which can sometimes cause it to look discolored, at the very least.

Like most household items, periodic cleaning and maintenance will add years to the lifespan of your metal roof, so you don't have to think of replacing the entire panel for a while. While most metal roofs have highly durable paint systems like PVDF, engineered to stand the test of time, unfortunately, even the most durable paint system will need periodic cleaning to maintain its strength.


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How Our Specialists In San Antonio Clean Metal Roofs

Occasionally cleaning your metal roof is crucial for maintaining its appearance and ensuring it stays in good condition. This also means you don't have to spend on an expensive commercial roofing company. Here's a quick overview of how our roof cleaning specialists clean metal roofs.

1. Ensuring Safety Measures

Same as for roof installation, safety is a critical aspect of a roof cleaning job, especially with metal roofs, as they can be very slippery when water and cleaning agents are combined.

To avoid accidents while on the job, our cleaning team ensures that all safety measures are in place before they get to work. This involves wearing safety shoes with good traction and also putting on protective gear, eyewear, and clothing.

3. Protecting Landscaping and Items Susceptible To Water Damage

To make sure valuables and landscaping aren't damaged when the cleaning procedure is ongoing and to keep from voiding the warranty on customer property, our cleaning specialists will carefully cover them with protective sheets or move them out of the way and into the attic or whichever part of the building our clients prefer.

5. Verifying That No Metal Material Is Touching Your Roof

Steel, aluminum, wood, or any material of the sort that comes in contact with a metal roof could result in stains, early degradation, and failure of the system altogether.

While the chances of metals or other materials ending up on your roof are relatively slim, if there is even the slightest chance of this happening, we guarantee that our cleaning experts will help remove any of such items before commencing the cleaning project.

7. Washing Out Gutters And Drains

Drains, shingles, and gutters are common spots for debris, leaves, and sticks to pile up. This can easily lead to water accumulation and clogging, making them target areas for our cleaning team.

While cleaning these areas may seem like an easy task, it is anything but as there is a strict process that must be adhered to when cleaning metal roofs to prevent scratching, chipping, and discoloration.

9. Utilization Of Touch Up Paint For Handling Minor Imperfections

Our cleaning team often encounters metal roofs with blemishes caused by several things. For example, items hitting the roof during rain storms or perhaps due to construction or installation errors.

On occasions like these, we apply touch-up paint to restore the roof's appearance as per the manufacturer's recommendations.

2. Clearing Out The Work Area And Preparation Of Cleaning Equipment

After getting equipped with the appropriate safety gear, our cleaning team will then begin preparing the ladder, cleaning formula, pressure washers, and other roof-cleaning items.

4. Getting Rid Of Plants and Tree Branches Spreading Across Your Roof Surface

The roof of a house built underneath a tree is extra vulnerable to damage and will therefore require extra care to ensure that branches don't scratch its surface. If there happens to be a tree stretching over your house and there's a possibility that the branches might damage your roof, our cleaning crew will take on the task of trimming off the branches to prevent them from scratching your roof tiles, shingles and window screens

6. Commencement Of Cleaning Process

Once each of the above steps has been completed, our cleaning team will then begin removing any debris on your roof and windows. This includes leaves, sticks, dirt, algae, and other unsightly compounds that might harm your roof's appearance. After this, they'll get started on getting your roof cleaned.

8. Inspecting Your Roof For Chipping, Scratches, Flaking, Fading, And Scuffs

Like any other household item with a paint system applied, metal roofing is susceptible to flaking, scratching, fading, and chalking, any of which can occur at any point in its lifecycle.

Such issues are best addressed during their early stages to prevent further damage. This is why our San Antonio roof tile cleaning staff are always extra vigilant during the cleaning process and will do an excellent job rectifying such issues, so you don't have to contact a commercial roofing service for roof replacement.

10. Application Of Anti-fungicidal Agents

Once your roof has been thoroughly cleaned, a special anti-fungicidal protective agent will be applied to its surface to eliminate and prevent the growth of algae, mold, and microorganisms capable of degrading its appearance.

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Why Your Roof Needs Constant Cleaning

Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefit, certain perks come with pressure washing the roof of your house. One such benefit is that clean roofs help boost property value which is essential for homeowners who plan on selling their homes. The following are a few other benefits of scheduling a low-pressure roof cleaning appointment.

1. Cleaning Will Rid Your Metal Roof Of Elements Stuck On Its Surface

Accumulation of roof algae, debris, mildew, moss, and pollution particles is unavoidable with metal roofs as with any other roofing material. Aside from this, there are also chemicals present in the atmosphere which are capable of causing premature degradation of metal roofs.

While some of these elements won't create immediate problems, given enough time, there's no guarantee that they won't cause severe damage, hence the need for occasional cleaning and maintenance.


2. Cleaning Extends The Lifespan Of Metal Roofing

One of the worst situations any homeowner can face is premature roof tile damage. While the damages may not warrant complete roof replacement, the cost of repairs can be quite significant, more so when enlisting the services of a commercial roofing company for a full replacement.

By scheduling occasional pressure washing roof cleaning with our San Antonio, TX roof cleaning business, you get to retain the appearance and integrity of your roof for many years, saving you thousands on expensive roof repairs.


3. It Improves Appearance And Curb Appeal

The purpose of having a roof is for it to protect you and your family from the elements. While this is its primary purpose, there's no reason why it shouldn't look great, right?

Having paid the full cost of a metal roof, you might as well maintain it to ensure you get your money's worth. What better way to do this than by constantly cleaning it so that it continues to look good and serve you longer?


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Why Our Low-Pressure Roof Cleaning Services Remains One Of The Best In San Antonio

Our San Antonio, TX, roof cleaning company was established with a clear objective: to provide cleaning results that are nothing short of perfection. What sets us apart from other businesses in the cleaning industry is our reliability, great communication, easy scheduling, and a never-ending desire to improve the quality of our services.


We specialize in cleaning residential roofing as well as commercial roofs. With over a decade of experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and highly trained roof and window cleaning employees, you can rest easy knowing that you'll get quality results when you patronize our company for your residential roof cleaning project.

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