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Is jet-washing your roof a good idea?

Pressure washing a roof seems a great way to clean your roof quickly, but is it worth the potential risk?

From damaging shingles to voiding manufacturer's warranties, jet washing your roof is not always the best option. This article will explore whether it's safe to use a pressure washer on your rooftop – or if you're better off leaving that job for a professional.

What is Jet Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is a powerful cleansing system that quickly cleans outdoor surfaces like houses, driveways, patios, and decks.

It uses high pressure to blast away dirt, grime, roof moss, mildew, and more from many different surfaces. In contrast to soft wash cleaning, jet washing

Cons of Power Washing Your Roof

Power washing your roof will let the grime disappear with nothing more than water pressure. However, as roof cleaning service professionals, we at Roof Cleaning San Antonio want you to consider the following cons of using pressure wash in cleaning roofs:

Jet Pressure Wash May Remove the Protective Surface Layer

Roof power washing may reduce the lifespan of your roof. The process may help remove moldy roof stains, but the consequence is that you risk exposing your roof surface to weathering.

Power Washing Increases the Roof Cleaning Cost

Cleaning a roof is a tough job no matter how you do it, but jet washing can make the job go much more quickly and cut hours off of the work time.

Not only would it take significantly longer to complete the job, but there is also the essential task of constructing scaffolding around the roof to ensure the absolute safety of the service provider.

Unfortunately, it also means that the roof cleaning provider must charge more for the extra equipment and time expended on the project.

The costs make it essential to consider all your options when weighing up whether or not using a jet washer is the right choice for your specific needs.

Pressure Wash May Loosen Waterproofing Flashings

Pressure washing a roof can strip away the protective waterproofing flashings, exposing your home to damaging weather elements.

A damaged waterproofing flashing could lead to water seeping inside and causing considerable damage over time.

It is essential to hire a knowledgeable and trustworthy roof cleaning professional who understands your roof cleaning needs and ensures that flashings receive special attention.

Damage Due to Jet-Pressure Voids Your Proof Warranty

Powerful pressurized water can easily cause significant damage to your roof shingles and even the entire roof structure.

Jet pressure washing might seem like an easy shortcut to power wash your roof quickly, but you may risk voiding your roof warranties. Any existing warranty will go out the window if your roof cleaning provider is not cautious enough.

For example, the jet pressure may weaken the adhesive bonds holding your roof shingles or mutilate your roof's fabric underlayment.

When Can You Use Pressure Wash?

If you have clay roof tiles, you may use a pressure washer. However, most roof cleaning contractors recommend pressure washing at around 1200 pounds per square inch (PSI) to avoid damaging your tile roof.

Pressure washing a clay tile roof is an art form - use too much pressure, and you could damage your tiles, but not enough, and you may not get the job done correctly.

If you own a clay tile roof, it's always best to contact a qualified roofing contractor to ensure your tiles are properly cleaned without being damaged in any way. Most contractors recommend a pressure washer at no more than 1200 pounds per square inch (PSI) when cleaning your clay tile roof.

Soft-Pressure Roof Cleaning: Alternative to Jet Washing Your Roof

A power wash may seem to answer your roof-cleaning needs, but Roof Cleaning San Antonio recommends against it. The strength of the power washer can damage shingles and pointing, which results in more costly repairs down the line.

Instead, Roof Cleaning San Antonio offers low-pressure cleaning that is gentle on your roof and effective at removing built-up dirt and debris.

What is Soft-pressure Washing?

Soft-pressure washing is one of the best methods for restoring and preserving your roof, so read on to find out how this cleaning system can keep your roof looking its best!

Soft pressure washing is a cleaner method with less pressure than traditional power washing. This method uses water pressurized to no more than 500 pounds per square inch (PSI).

Pros of Soft Wash Cleaning

Soft-washing is a deep-cleaning process that removes bacteria, fungi, and algae more effectively than power washing. In addition, most roof cleaning professionals prefer this method for the following reasons:

  1. It prevents collateral damage to the roof and exterior surfaces. Soft washing eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and chemical cleaning solutions when removing stains and dirt from roofs, siding, decks, driveways, and other exterior surfaces.

  2. Soft washing eliminates mold, mildew, algae, and other forms of biological matter from outdoor surfaces. Spores may remain embedded even after the application of powerful jet pressure. Soft washing offers superior results using detergents and slow-moving pressurized water.

  3. Soft-pressure washers produce less noise than power washers, so they are better suited for residential areas where noise pollution might be an issue for neighbors.

  4. Soft washing is an eco-friendly way to keep your roof looking and performing its best without harsh chemicals or damaging pressure washer equipment.

  5. A soft-washed roof will stay cleaner longer than one that's had a traditional pressure wash—leaving you with a strong foundation for years to come.

Get Your Roof Cleaned with Roof Cleaning San Antonio

Cleaning your roof can be a daunting task. It's often difficult to know what products and methods to use, and it's easy to damage the roof if you're not careful.

Not only is cleaning your roof a hassle, but it's also dangerous. You could seriously injure yourself if you don't have the right equipment or knowledge.

Roof cleaning San Antonio offers soft-wash cleaning technology that is safe for your roof and affordable. With our cleaning and soft washing solutions for your roofs, you can rest assured that your property is in good hands.

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